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Our apartment is located in Vignogn, nearby Vella, which is the administrative center of Val Lumnezia ("Valley of the Light"). Val Lumnezia is part of the Surselva region, belonging to the biggest Swiss and retro-Roman speaking part of Kanton Graubunden. 


Val Lumnezia is one of the most beautiful -though luckily touristically unknown- valleys of the Swiss Alps. Due to the north-south positioning, the valley is known for its soft and sunny climate. The valley is less touristy than other Swiss mountain areas as it lacks transit traffic. The local Swiss often call it the area for small but exquisite tourism ("Der kleine, aber feine Tourismus").


Val Lumnezia and the village Vignogn are part of the retro-Roman speaking part of Switzerland (one of the 4 official Swiss languages), although the local population in general speaks fluently German and even fairly English, French or Italian.


One of the oldest Swiss cities Chur is within a 40 minutes drive, Zurich within a 1 hour 20 minutes and Basel within a 2 hours drive.


Val Lumnezia is easily reachable by airplane (Basel / Zurich), car or public transport (train, bus). Two minutes away from the apartment is a small bus stop with major connections to Ilanz/Chur.

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